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If you go to today, you won’t see the regular homepage with different categories, but you will be greeted by a notice that says “Backpage and Affiliated websites have been seized”. Yes, a platform once used extensively for selling and buying services, irrespective of any nature or kind, is officially dead and gone.

After Backpage lost its on-going legal battle with the U.S Department of Justice, the legal authorities seized the website on accounts of including ads that promoted human trafficking and prostitution of children. Along with this, the Backpage executives were all charged in a 93-count federal indictment in relation to the site.

But Backpage was not all about prostitution or sex work, regardless of the case it got itself into. In fact, the site was offering a variety of solutions to all kinds of users- just like craigslist (which is now a full-blown alternative to Backpage).

But for the general population that has never really used the website perceive the website to be a part of the sex industry and barely tried scratching the surface to know the real deal. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that most people know very little about this website and how its seizure is going to play its role in the internet’s future.

What is Backpage?

Backpage is a classified ad listing website, designed to make buying and selling easier. Before its seizure, people from all across the globe were using this platform to sell services and goods online, from apartments to electronics and more.

Due to the its exposure and nature, people were using this website for all kinds of advertising, including looking fore casual relationships and dating. Just like craigslist, Reddit and more, the offering of this website consisted of nothing what would be considered abnormal.

What Went Wrong?

Unlike other websites, the adverts on backpage were more explicit and often featured ads from escorts, which is why the legal body began focusing more on this particular outlet.

Regardless of what other listing the site was providing, the adult listings became a growing concern as authorities advocated that the website was enabling selling of young women and children and also that sex trafficking was being used as a means of profit.

Though the Communications Decency Act protected Backpage, according to which publishers can not be held responsible or charged for third-party activities, the new SESTA-FOSTA acts completely turned the tables, as a result of which the site was seized, followed by the criminal sentences and 93-count federal indictment.

Why is Backpage such a big deal?

There a few concrete reasons that make this seizure a big deal. Number one is the Communications Decency Act. While the act gives immunity to websites, new law frameworks are now jeopardizing such platforms, which have played an important part in recovering trafficked victims and sting operations.

Other than this, the fact that prostitution has been legalized in some states, such platforms gave them a better way for business. Taking away such platforms will put them back to the streets where their health, safety and even life is always under threat.

Lastly, backpage has not been solely providing adult services, but has given back to the community positively as well, in the form of all kinds of services. Therefore, seizing the whole website, based on one category, goes against the whole notion of the internet.

Best Backpage Alternative Options

backpage alternative websites

As said above, backpage was more than just adult content, but focused on all aspects including materialistic and emotional needs as well. Now that this forum for classified ads is down, there are other Backpage alternatives that loyal users can seek help and fun from:


Most people know craigslist even if they haven’t visited the site ever, but users will find this to be the most accurate Backpage substitute out there. It is free, easy to use and offers variety of categories to choose from, just like Backpage.


It has more gate-keeping when it comes to adult services, but one can find its existence there. Nevertheless, from electronics to entertainment and even casual fun stuff, craigslist has got a lot to offer.

USA TODAY Classified


Another successful Backpage alternative, which has been proving authentic and gaining popularity fast is

Consisting mainly of 11 different categories, the website offers abundant solutions, featuring ads from all over USA. It is also becoming a hot place for conversations, buying, selling and just spending time online.

Ads are totally free and users have the ease of browsing services as near to them as possible. In addition to this, their blogs feature up-to-date information regarding different matters, aiding the users to know more before making any connections or deals.



This platform is solely for those individuals that refer to ad listings related to casual encounters and hook ups. The services of this platform can be availed via smartphone app.

This app is basically the complete Backpage substitute and gives you even more options and exposure. The app is fully protected, safe and provides accurate encounter opportunities that fit your criteria.

Unlike dating apps like tinder and more, casualx is all about casual flings and having fun. Therefore, for those that miss the adult entertainment services, this forum will give them just what they need.


A homepage that bares an uncanny resemblance with backpage, is like an exact replica of the seized website. With this forum, you can get access to hundred of ad lists, from various categories.

What makes it the perfect Backpage substitute is the fact that you can find almost everything there on front- from apartments, to cars and even a whole personal section, with all romantic preferences that one can hope for.

The site embodies simplicity, which makes it really quick in searching and giving you results. Posting and responding to ads is totally free and secure too.

If you need a one-stop consolidated solution, this Backpage alternative is the most functional out there.



PennySaver has been in the market for long now and PennysaverUSA is just another one of their venture that guarantees original, authentic and vast variety of classified ads that users can look out for.

While the categories lay out on the homepage, you won’t see numerous ones (8 to be exact) but you can be sure of one thing that none of the listings contains scam or unverified information.

The filters make it easy for you to search for services, while placing an ad is even easier that that. So, if you want a compact but fruitful source, then pennysaveusa is the backpage replacement you should opt for.



Quick results, reliable listings and existence of various kinds of services-this is what is about.

This backpage substitute might intimidate you with its simple interface and different layout, but oodle covers a wide range of categories, spreading over different localities and areas.

It enables you to find local services and products easily, all while being super easy, free and safe. The description, the rates and all the information is easily available on the front, and this is why most people are loving it more than any other backpage alternatives.

Backpage might have been a more explicit platform, but the above mentioned forums are equally equipped and you can be sure to find what you are looking for.

Places where backpage was most popular:

Backpage Chicago

Backpage Houston

Backpage Atlanta

Backpage DC

Backpage NJ









San Diego

Orange County

Las Vegas



New Orleans






Los Angeles

San Antonio






Backpage Syracuse










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